Does the use of social media contribute to addiction in Gambling ?

According to a recent study, frequent usage of social networks cannot be the same as dependence. Researchers from Strathclyde University challenged over 100 people to find such social media applications as fast and reliably as possible on a virtual mobile screen, avoiding other apps ไทย คา สิ โน. The size and form of use and interaction of social media is vary by the participants.

The goal of the exercise was to evaluate why social media users who registered the highest levels of usage were more likely to focus on apps through the mechanism known as ‘attention bias.

Gambling addiction: Symptoms, triggers, and treatment

The indication of findings 

It also evaluated whether this distortion was linked to results of proven social media involvement and ‘addiction’ interventions.

The results indicated that people were not more interested in social media applications, such as a weather app เกมส์คาสิโน, but not in self-reporting or observable addiction levels. This was in accordance with other research that showed a careful bias with gambling and alcohol addictions.

Competence Addictions Journal.

The use of social media has been an omnipresent feature of the population with 3.8 billion users worldwide, said Dr David Robertson, a lecturer in psychology at Strathclyde and a research associate. Although study has shown that social media engagement has positive aspects such as social interaction and well-being, the emphasis has largely been on negative consequences of mental health associated with excessive use, for example elevated levels of depression and anxiety.

There is also a widening argument on whether unhealthy amounts of social media use can become an addictive behaviour scientifically identified, though. We saw no proof of careful prejudice. People who updated and shared their social media account regularly were less likely than people who checked and post less often to be attracted to the social media app’s symbol.

There would be much more study, both positive and negative, on the impact of social media use before definite results about the psychological influence of the relationship between these networks can be drawn. Our analysis shows that frequent use of social media already cannot necessarily fit into conventional systems of dependence.

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